Learn webmaking in one intense weekend

Upcoming Sessions:

May22015 PasadenaCA
5 spots left! $200
May15162015 Downtown Los AngelesCA
18 spots left! $500
May29302015 Downtown Los AngelesCA
20 spots left! $500

Active Learning

Learning will be active and interactive—no long boring lectures! You'll learn by doing, practicing and interacting.


You'll get to know the other students in your session pretty well, and at the end of the bootcamp you'll have the opportunity to keep in touch with your cohort through some collaboration options. Whether that means your cohort will build a really cool website together, give you the support you need on your new project, or just have reunion parties is up to you.

What's Included

Before you arrive, you will already have watched some introductory videos and set up your web space with a free domain name of your choice (like myawesomesite.com).

On your first day you'll get a welcome packet that includes a t-shirt, nametag, and an 8GB USB drive full of web development software and tools.

Snacks and coffee will be provided throughout the day, plus a catered lunch.

You'll leave with 6 months of free Shoutleaf web hosting, lifetime access to online educational videos covering what you learned, and membership in your cohort.

Learn more than code

You will learn the fundamental web coding languages HTML, CSS and Javascript. But instead of focusing just on code, we'll focus on the practical process of actually making a website. This means you'll be learning the concepts, strategies, approaches, tools, techniques and tricks of the trade that will give you the big picture.

By the end of the bootcamp, you will feel comfortable using powerful code editors, browser inspectors for coding & debugging, GitHub for code tracking and collaboration, WordPress for content management, cPanel for server administration.